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I have the following html binding in knockout

<div data-bind="with: talkData">
    <div data-bind="foreach: Talks">
        <p data-bind="text: Title"></p>

    <button class="btn btn-success previous" 
            data-bind="click: $root.PageBack, disable: $root.page() == 1">Prev</button>                         
    <button class="btn btn-success next" 
            data-bind="click: $root.PageNext, disable: $root.page() == $root.talkData().TotalPageCount">Next</button>

With the following model:

$(function() {
    function TalksViewModel() {
        var self = this;
        self.page = ko.observable(1);
        self.records = ko.observable(1);
        self.totalPages = ko.observable(1);
        self.talkData = ko.observable();

        self.IsPrevEnabled = isPrevEnabled;

        function pageBack(item) {
            self.page(self.page() - 1);

        self.PageBack = pageBack;

        function pageNext(item) {
            console.log("page next");
            self.page(self.page() + 1);

        self.PageNext = pageNext;

        function loadDataFromServer() {
            var url = '/Talks/GetPagedTalks';
            $.get(url, { page: self.page() }, self.talkData);

        // Initial page

    ko.applyBindings(new TalksViewModel());

The JSON returned from the 'GetPagedTalks' call is:

Talks: [{Title:Philippians 1:12-26,…}, {Title:Philippians 1:1-11,…}, {Title:Devoted   Lives: ,…}]
0: {Title:Philippians 1:12-26,…}
1: {Title:Philippians 1:1-11,…}
2: {Title:Devoted Lives: ,…}
TotalPageCount: 59
TotalRowCount: 177

The next and previous buttons work but I'm really struggling to know how to set the total number of pages from the data returned from the GET call.

The line: disable: $root.page() == $root.talkData().TotalPageCount

Isn't working at all. I assumed TotalPageCount would be part of talkData.

Any help appreciated.


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To get set the data (values and page count) try this:

$.get(url, { page: self.page() })
  // handle any error here

In this particular case - I used the get promise 'done' to get the data. Check the jquery docs - they have some additional samples for the way in which you can use/consume the return parameters.

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This post is very old but if anyone having the same problem, you can implement pagination in a very simple way without worrying about its' internals. (here http://contractnamespace.blogspot.com/2014/02/pagination-with-knockout-jquery.html).

Basically, I have used normal knockout data binding with AJAX and after data has been retrieved from the server, I call the plugin. You can find the plugin here. its called Simple Pagination.

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