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I have a whole bunch of radio buttons with dynamically generated names like below:

        <input type="radio" id="Red<?php echo $wineID; ?>" name="category<?php echo $wineID; ?>" value="Red" <?php if ($category == "Red") { ?>checked="true"<?php } ?>>
          <label for="Red<?php echo $wineID; ?>">Red</label>

        <input type="radio" id="White<?php echo $wineID; ?>" name="category<?php echo $wineID; ?>" value="White" <?php if ($category == "White") { ?>checked="true"<?php } ?>>
          <label for="White<?php echo $wineID; ?>">White</label>

        <input type="radio" id="Sparkling<?php echo $wineID; ?>" name="category<?php echo $wineID; ?>" value="Sparkling" <?php if ($category == "Sparkling") { ?>checked="true"<?php } ?>>
          <label for="Sparkling<?php echo $wineID; ?>">Sparkling</label>

I need to get the selected value and add it into my dataString for an ajax call to update my database. How can this be done using jQuery?

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Try this:


as in:

alert( $('input[type="radio"]:checked').val() );
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This worked. Thank a lot! – Daniel Young May 30 '13 at 14:20

You can use attribute selector to get the element

$('input[name="category<?php echo $wineID; ?>:selected"')

However this uses a PHP inline script, so it will only work if rendered at the page load.

Or easiest would be:

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You could get the name attribute from an onchange event (using jQuery)

// Onload handler
$(function() {
    // Get all radio buttons and add an onchange event
    $("input[type=radio]").on("change", function(){
        // Output a message in the console which shows the name and state
        console.log($(this).attr("name"), $(this).is(":checked"));

    // Trigger the onchange event for any checked radio buttons after the onload event has fired
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you can use a parent div with id="anything"

now using jquery selector $('#anything input[type="radio"]:checked').val()

you can achieve that

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