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PyDev has its own jython interpreter, inside pydev.jython.VERSION

that jython has its own python libraries i.e. pydev.jython.VERSION/LIB/zipfile.py

Now if I write a jython script for pydev-jython-scripting, it will load only its internal Lib pydev.jython.VERSION/LIB/

How do I have this pydev-jython recognize PYTHONPATH, I tried appending to sys.path but there is some python version problem some invalid syntax

My system python installation has all the .py source, my pydev interpreter configuration has python interpreter setup and NOT jython and NOT ironpython

pydev-jython script does not recognize many of regular system python modules, why?

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The version that PyDev uses internally is Jython 2.1, so, you can't add newer libraries to that version unless they're compatible...

If you need to use a different version, you'd need to first update the version used inside PyDev itself (it wasn't updated so far because the current Jython size is too big -- PyDev has currently 7.5 MB and just the newer Jython jar is 10 MB -- with libs it goes to almost 16 MB, so making PyDev have 22 MB just for this upgrade is something I'm trying to avoid... now, I think there's probably too much bloat there in Jython, so, if that can be removed, it's something that may be worth revisiting...).

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Who cares about the extra megabites :( I spend hours trying to get pep8 to run with Jython 2.1 that does not have set or finally or if else on one line ;(((( –  Nikola Borisov Jun 6 '14 at 2:14
Well... the latest Jython jar has 40 MB now and there are many people (such as myself) which care about bloatedness (which is already a weak spot in Eclipse)... But it's already on my 'soon todo' list fixing the pull request that allows pep8 to be run externally :) –  Fabio Zadrozny Jun 7 '14 at 10:54

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