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So I'm trying to parse an xml file with the following format ...

<cmd id="result_data">
     <scan-results count="10">
               <spectrum count="3">131,45;181,54;240,2</spectrum>
               <spectrum count="3">131,5;181,6;240,7</spectrum>

... using Perl to output the results I want into a text file.

However, I'm having difficulty dealing with the xml names being hyphenated.

Here is the Perl code I'm using

 #example to write to text
 my $file = "gapiparseddataexample1.txt";
 unless(open FILE, '>'.$file) {
 die "\nUnable to create $file\n";

use warnings;
use strict;
 use XML::Simple;
 use Data::Dumper;

 my $values= XMLin('samplegapi.xml',KeyAttr=>"scan-result", ForceArray=>'scan-result');       

print Dumper($values);

for my $data(@{$values->{scanresult}}) {
    print FILE "Total Ion Count",":","\n";
    print FILE $data->{tic},"\n";


Any advice on either how to work around the hyphens (ie replacing them with underscores) is much appreciated.

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You just need to put quotes around your hash keys. So instead of: $values->{scan-results} you would say: $values->{'scan-results'}.

See also: Stepping up from XML::Simple to XML::LibXML


You have the line print Dumper($values); in your code. The output it produces would answer your question (combined with the knowledge that hash keys must be quoted if they contain non-word characters like '-'). If you are unable to interpret the output from Data::Dumper then you need to read the Perl references tutorial.

I also note that other parts of your code contain random errors that might be the result of cutting and pasting things that you don't understand. For example, setting the ForceArray option to 'scan-result' is just nonsense. You either need to set it to 1 or a reference to an array of element names. Similarly, setting KeyAttr to "scan-result" makes no sense at all. These options are documented.

Here's some code that works for me:

my $values= XMLin('samplegapi.xml', ForceArray => [ 'scan-result' ]);

my $results = $values->{'cmd'}->{'scan-results'}->{'scan-result'};

for my $data (@$results) {
    print FILE "Total Ion Count",":","\n";
    print FILE $data->{tic},"\n";
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I tried that and it didn't work for me...i think the values from the xml file are not getting initialized for some reason. Any thoughts? I think it has something do to with the multiple start tags in the xml code like the cmd, result-file header, etc. – B.Hall May 30 '13 at 23:48
I've added a working code sample. – Grant McLean May 31 '13 at 0:56
thank you so much! worked like a charm! I'm just learning perl right now so its been hard to figure out my errors. – B.Hall May 31 '13 at 20:41

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