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I have attached a service-adapter to a spring message-destination as follows:

    allow-subtopics="true" />

The init methods are called during the bean's initialization, and I get "invoke" messages when new messages are sent.

However, allowSubcribe and other methods are never called. Are there any common causes of this problem?

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I've found these kinds of BlazeDS problems to be tricky to diagnose. My recommendation is to configure very verbose logging. There is more details on the Flex 2 Developer's Guide: Configuring server-side service logging

Edit ./WEB-INF/flex/services-congif.xml and add/modify the logging node to something like this:

    <target class="flex.messaging.log.ServletLogTarget" level="debug">
            <prefix>[BlazeDS] </prefix>

There are other filter patters you could add from the link above which might be important for you. If you don't see the culprit then post more of your services-config.xml and log files here and we'll see what we can do.

Quick warning: It can get very verbose. Don't do this on your production server!

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The problem was that the Consumers had not defined subtopics. Because there were no subtopics being subscribed to, the subtopic specific permissions methods were not being called.

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Doh! I've never worked with sub-topics before. How did you work it out? –  Stu Thompson Nov 6 '09 at 20:13
I think it was from reading through the sourcecode. :) Either that or finally reading the javadocs the right way. –  jsight Nov 8 '09 at 2:55

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