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My pages will load and animate in when I click on a nav menu item, when I try to use the back and forward arrows my pages will load and go to that particular page but none of my content is animated in.

Any thoughts?

Code Here

  var History = window.History; // Note: We are using a capital H instead of a lower h
        if (!History.enabled) {
            // History.js is disabled for this browser.
            // This is because we can optionally choose to support HTML4 browsers or not.
            return false;

        // Bind to StateChange Event
        History.Adapter.bind(window, 'statechange', function() { // Note: We are using statechange instead of popstate
            var State = History.getState();
            $('#content').animate({opacity: "0"}).load(State.url + '#content', function() {
                 $('#content').animate({opacity: "1"});

        $('.nav-tabs li a').click(function (evt) {
            History.pushState(null, $(this).text(), $(this).attr('href'));


Any ideas would be great!

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I am not an expert, but let me please ask you some questions in the hope that they are making you ask yourself other questions.

  • What do you put in your href for your anchor?

    If you put #content inside your href, then you are pushing an adress inside your history stack with #content .When you get it using History.getState(); then inside your bind you are executing the same URL with additional #content, which maybe is causing your problem.

  • Did you tried to put a space between the State.url and #content?( space#content instead of #content ).
  • Did you tried replacing the code inside your Bind with an alert or something so that you test first if the browser back and forward buttons work first. In addition, it will be better if you explain to us what does the code inside Bind do.

       $('#content').animate({opacity: "0"}).load(State.url + '#content', function() {
            $('#content').animate({opacity: "1"});
  • What brower are you using for your tests?

Wish you good luck.

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