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I am trying to build exposed API that is called by another web service in order to insert data.

Here is DB structure.
Table name: bad_domain
attributes are :

Here is my code in

auth.settings.allow_basic_login = True

def api():
    def POST(table_name,**vars):
    return db[table_name].validate_and_insert(**vars)
return locals()

Here is my curl

curl --user {"content": [{"domain": “”,”modified_by”:”test”, "created_by": "test", "risk": True}]}

curl dose not work.

Any idea how to fix curl commend.

I am pretty new to web2py

Thank you.

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What does "does not work" mean? What did you expect to happen? What happened instead? (And please show us actual error messages or output instead of just describing it vaguely.) – abarnert May 30 '13 at 0:29
data dose not go to DB – user1413449 May 30 '13 at 0:46
Does curl actually even run and connect to the server? (There's no way it possibly could with the command line you gave us.) If so, does the server log anything? Does it return something to your client? Also, if this based on some example or skeleton, so we can just drop in your extra code and run it? If not, can you give us a complete minimal example? – abarnert May 30 '13 at 1:12

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If this is your actual curl command:

curl --user {"content": [{"domain": “”,”modified_by”:”test”, "created_by": "test", "risk": True}]}

Then you've got at least five problems:

  1. Most shells will try to interpret that JSON in some way. It's got embedded spaces, and braces and brackets, and so on. Put it in quotes.
  2. Even if you quote it so it gets through the shell unscathed, you forgot the --data flag, so curl will treat it as another URL, instead of as data to send.
  3. You're not doing anything to tell curl to set the Content-Type properly.
  4. Even if you get past that, all those smart-quote characters like are not quotes as far as JSON is concerned, so you'll be sending garbage that the server will reject.
  5. True is not a valid JSON value; you probably wanted true.

So, let's start with this:

curl --user --data '{"content": [{"domain": "","modified_by":"test", "created_by": "test", "risk": true}]}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

At least that will send something reasonable to the server, with a body that can be parsed by json.loads. Whether it's what you actually wanted to send, or whether your code can handle it, I don't know, but it should at least get you started.

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