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I need to delete the last 3 lines of a text file and or rewrite the last three lines using ActionScript 3.0

I understand how to append a file but I am lost on how to count lines using filestream.

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So, you want to know how to count lines using file stream or you want to know how to manipulate a String object to remove the last 3 lines and append new lines? Also, what have you tried? Can you show us your code so far. –  Technik Empire May 30 '13 at 2:59

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Or try that:

private function trimTextFile(txtFile:File, trimNum:uint):Boolean{
        var stream:FileStream = new FileStream();
        stream.open(txtFile, FileMode.READ);
        var tmp:Array = stream.readUTFBytes(stream.bytesAvailable).split("\n");

        stream.open(txtFile, FileMode.WRITE);
        for(var i:uint = 0; i < tmp.length - trimNum; i++){
            stream.writeUTFBytes(tmp[i] +"\n");
        return true;
        return false;


And call it like this

this.trimTextFile(File.desktopDirectory.resolvePath("test.txt"), 3);

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This worked perfect, I have never used split before, but after looking it up it makes sense and seems simple enough, Thank You! –  MadEste May 30 '13 at 20:27
You´re welcome :) Could you accept the answer, so that others with the same problem might find it easier :) ? –  codingbuddha May 31 '13 at 5:13

Try this,

var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); //Creating a loader object
var myArray : Array;
loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoaded); //On complete event handler

function onLoaded(e:Event):void {
   var myArray:Array = e.target.data.split(/\n/);
   //once you have all the lines as elements of the array you can change them
   myArray[myArray.length -1] = "ABC";
   myArray[myArray.length -2] = "DEF";
   myArray[myArray.length -3] = "GHI";

loader.load(new URLRequest("myFile.txt"));

//Then write out the contents of the array,

var f:File=new File("path\to\file.txt");
var handle:FileStream=new FileStream();
handle.open(f, FileMode.WRITE);
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