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I've been reading up on and implementing Neo4j's graph database technology.

It's pretty cool and powerful my only concern is there seems to be a lack on documentation and/or how to tutorials for beginners.

On trying to understand indexing I found that in the webadmin there is a section entitled 'Add and remove indexes' which does just that. However, what I can't find is how to actually implement indexing.

How do I add a node making sure that it is in the correct index and has the correct properties indexed?

N.B. I am using Cypher to do all my graph transactions due to there not being (or at least there not being a good) Objective C API.


I should note that I have tried the steps found here: Neo4j: Step by Step to create an automatic index but when I perform the query, nothing is returned.

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Neo4j supports auto-indexing (which is what you were looking at) which is less flexible than the other alternative which provides the user more control. Learn about it in this tutorial. You can see a reference to legacy indexing tutorial in the provided link. If you are using older versions than 2.0 then go through the legacy tutorial.

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Also, keep in mind that when you create an index it does not apply to the existing nodes, it only applies to the nodes that you will create from now on.

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