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I have this string named jumpball

u'\n               (12:00) Jump Ball Hibbert vs Bosh (Chalmers gains possession)\n            '

I want to extract Hibbert, Bosh and Chalmers

I can find the first by:

roadJumper = re.findall(r'Ball(.*?)vs',jumpball)

The other two names I want to find are before and after a opening parentheses "(" and I don't know how to work around it.

I think I should be able to use lookahead and lookbehind to avoid the parentheses but I haven't figured it out yet.

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Could you improve your title? No one is going to conduct an internet search for 'a couple basic questions on Regex'. The title really is unhelpful to other people. –  George Stocker May 30 '13 at 1:54
Do you have to use a regex? It seems to me like it would be much easier to split the string into words and use the right indices. –  Sam Mussmann May 30 '13 at 1:57
I could do it that way, but I am just starting to learn Regex and so I figured I would try it that way. –  user2333196 May 30 '13 at 2:20

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>>> print re.search("(\w+) vs (\w+) \(\s?(\w+)",my_string).groups()
(u'Hibbert', u'Bosh', u'Chalmers')
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Read the question carefully, this isn't what is being asked for. –  Max May 30 '13 at 2:05
oh ... bad title ... –  Joran Beasley May 30 '13 at 2:05
there now it does what he asks for ... not very elegant though –  Joran Beasley May 30 '13 at 2:08

I think that what you are looking for is how to escape parenthesis, am I right?

Try something like this:

r'Ball (\w+) vs (\w+) \((\w+)'

Notice that the third opening parenthesis is escaped.

If you are now learning how to use regexes I recommend you read this first, if not yet

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