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I need to be able to encrypt a small hash in PHP and later decrypt it in C# to compare the hash with the data. So yes, it's being used as a signature to verify the origin of the data.

What I am having trouble with is (A) Loading the key (B) Decrypting with public key

With RSACryptoServiceProvider I can load the key simply enough, however it doesn't support decryption with the public key.

I've tried with Bouncy Castle, however I can't find any simple examples which show how to load a key and decrypt.

I can get copies of the key in any of the following formats:


My PHP code for encryption is simple enough and working happily.

include 'PHPSecLib/Crypt/RSA.php';
$privatekey = file_get_contents('privatekey.txt');
$rsa = new Crypt_RSA();
$cipher = $rsa->encrypt("simple hash");
file_put_contents('cipher.txt', ($cipher));

All I need in C# is a simple way to

  • Loading the public key from a string/file from any of the previously mentioned formats or the RSACryptoServiceProvider XML format.
  • Decrypting with loaded public key

I've been trying for more than a day now and need help with this one.


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As you mentioned you are trying to verify a signature using RSA. So that should be what you search for. Here are a few links that show how:

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