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I'm developing an application in which i have integrated google plus. So far Its working fine, I am able to retrieve the user profile.

But now i want to do the following:

1)I have two activity signInActivity and shareActivity.

2)If user is already signin using signInActivity then it should not ask for signin again in shareActivity and should directly share the content.

3)If user is not signedin in the signInActivity and try to share data using shareActivitythen app should signin the user and then only share the data. In this case if user goes back to the signInActivity then app should show that "you have already signedin"

In short i want user signin to be Central within application so that if it is alrady signedin it should be accessible from any activity.

I have heard about the access token but i dont know how to use it and document says that it expires in an hour which is not what i want.

How can i make central google plus signin? is it possible? or i need to authenticate user in each activity?

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Managing a separate instance of GoogleApiClient in each activity will not result in the user being asked to sign in multiple times.

Google+ Sign-in (ie. GoogleApiClient) provides an interface to the Google accounts on the device and the Google Play services core service - it doesn't have state per GoogleApiClient instance. So once a device account has been authenticated for your app, new instances of GoogleApiClient will access the same state. GoogleApiClient is specifically designed to be a lightweight way to access the central state managed by Google Play services.

You're in luck regarding access tokens! Google Play services takes care of all token management for you. So although access tokens only last for one hour, as you say, if you try to use your PlusClient to access a Google API and your access token has expired, Google Play services will transparently request a new access token for you and complete the call.

Take a look at the first part of this Google I/O talk for more details:


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also note, PlusClient (developer.android.com/reference/com/google/android/gms/plus/…) is now deprecated in favor of GoogleApiClient. A good example of how to implement GoogleApiClient can be found here: androidhive.info/2014/02/… –  nommer Mar 6 at 21:51

For anyone reading this question you can also check this answer by Ian Barber and also the one below, answered by Lee, that explains three broad ways of working with Google plus login and multiple activies which I found very useful actually.

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