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The new responsive photo grid on the new flickr is gorgeous. It's full screen and locks together in an interesting, varied pattern.


I'd like to emulate this for a project, but dont even know where to start. I've looked at the code a bit, but it's pretty difficult to understand exactly what's going on here.

Anyone have any ideas on how they've been able to accomplish such a flexible grid that fits together so well?

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it's not really that hard. your code has to perform the folloging steps:

  1. choose a preferred row-height. this seems to be around 500px on flickr. you can set a fixed value or choose a setting based on the clients screen resolution
  2. get the available total width
  3. start a new row
  4. put in the a photo and scale it to row-height and check your row-width
  5. repeat 4. until adding a photo makes you row-width exeed the total width
  6. scale down the height of this row (and the contained photos) until the width fits
  7. start the next line (see 3.)
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For step #3, where would you create the row? An actual physical DOM element row, or some form of temporary row in js? –  bentedder Oct 10 '13 at 13:32
i'd do it virtually and create the dom-elements afterwards, but it shouldn't be a problem to create the elements directly (maybe if there are a lot of photos - but i havn't tested this) –  oezi Oct 10 '13 at 14:10

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