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Is there a way to comment-out a block of code in Pluma (Gedit fork apparently)? For example in python, I would like to select a block of code:

def foo(bar):
    return bar * 2

And comment it out:

#    def foo(bar):
#        return bar * 2
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Have you tried the suggestion in stackoverflow.com/questions/7649626/block-commenting-in-gedit –  Blutack May 30 '13 at 9:08

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Based on M.O. Kitzka answer, I used the following compact snippet:

lines = $PLUMA_SELECTED_TEXT.split("\n");
output = "";
for line in lines:
    output += "#" + line + "\n";

return output

You can use any python code inside the window in snippet manager.

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  1. activate snippets plugin
  2. add snippet which might look like: "# $PLUMA_SELECTED_TEXT"

for more info: http://www.tuxradar.com/content/save-time-gedit-snippets

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Based on bAnEEd_meeY-dL0 's earlier answer, here's what I came up.

  1. activate snippets plugin
  2. add snippet that looks like,

    selected_txt = $PLUMA_SELECTED_TEXT
    output = "" 
    for line in selected_txt.split("\n"):
        line = "#" + line
        output = output + line+ "\n" 
    return output
  3. Don't forget to fill out "Activation" section. You don't need to fill everything. I put the Ctrl+M in short cut.

Note: This will comment multiple lines, but adds an extra line in the very bottom line.

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