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I would like to create a memory manager/allocator which allocates memory with any specified size. I have tried using Boost and ACE memory allocator but they allocates only specif type of data

In ACE_cached_allocator if allocator is int type we can only allocate memory for int, cant get for char.

example:- i can ask any size of memory like int, char or any class/structure

please suggest any lib for such application

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I think you just want malloc. You can allocate memory for an array of 20 int like this:

int *a = (int *)malloc(sizeof *a * 20);
a[0] = 1234;
a[1] = 4567;

If you have a structure or class with type Foo it's just:

Foo *fp = (Foo *)malloc(sizeof *fp);

The answer seems simple, so did I misunderstand your question?

(Note: the casts aren't necessary in C.)

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