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Hi i have a 2d list that reads

items = [(1,20),(2,30),(3,40),(4,50),(5,60),(7,80),(8,90)]

What i want to do is create a loop that loops over the 2d list and takes each pair i.e 1,20 and writes them to a string

strText = "numberpair:" + str(items[i])
print (strText)

However i am not sure how i can read over these number pairs so they come out as a number pair in a loop and how to link the list to the str from the loop. Can someone show me how to write such a loop?


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How do you want the output to look? –  sberry May 30 '13 at 5:46

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From your example - the list contains tuples. In this case :

for pair in list:

Will print each pair.

In case you need to access each item in the pair, you can use pair[0] and pair[1]

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I believe print pair will also implicitly call str() –  A.E. Drew May 30 '13 at 5:52
@A.E.Drew - edited. –  Andrei Podoprîgora May 30 '13 at 6:07

Here is a one liner:

result = ''.join('numberpair: %s, %s\n'%(a,b) for a, b in list)

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>>> items = [(1,20),(2,30),(3,40),(4,50),(5,60),(7,80),(8,90)]
>>> for x in items:
        print("numberpair: ", end='')  # suppress newline
        print(*x, sep=', ')            # separate with commas

numberpair: 1, 20
numberpair: 2, 30
numberpair: 3, 40
numberpair: 4, 50
numberpair: 5, 60
numberpair: 7, 80
numberpair: 8, 90
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