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Hello I have a project where I need to cApitalize only the second letter in a sentence. I now that PHP has strtoupper() and string strtoupper ( string $string ) ucfirst() returns first letter

So here is my best attempt


$str = "capitalize";

$str = ucfirst(strtolower($str)); // makes all the letters lower case 

This is where I get confused if 0 = the first letter and 1= 2nd then could I just make an array(") or count_chars() then $val

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You can take an individual letter from the string using e.g. $str[1] for the second letter, capitalise it, then place it back in the string. – doppelgreener May 30 '13 at 6:56

i have one idea to perform this operation.. example

$result = substr($strmain, 0, 1); //result is c
$result1=str_replace($result,'',$strmain);//now your result1 is apitalize
$result2=ucfirst($result1); //now result2 is Apitalize

$finalresult=$result.$result2 ///now your finalresult is cApitalize
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Doesn't work fine. With "crocodile", it returns "cRoodile". – Carlos M. Meyer Feb 20 '15 at 12:39

Its a old question, just came across this so would put an answer based on @doppelgreener comment.

This should work :

$str = "capitalize";
$str[1]= strtoupper($str[1]);
echo $str; // cApitalize
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