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Is there any way to plot bar charts on world map. The world map can be of 3D view like a Globe or 2D view. It should be also be able to zoom into street level. Could someone give me some ideas and examples about this?

I already found out: http://threegraphs.com/charts/sample/world/.

It would be really helpful if similar examples can be provided.

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Also interested in knowing about this. –  Oz Lodriguez Sep 21 '14 at 5:42

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A similar Cesium demo is hosted here:


A coworker of mine made this. It uses Polylines sticking up vertically from a black-and-white globe. The source code is on GitHub.

EDIT 2015-Mar-03: Updated links.

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These links are now broken. Any chance you can edit with the new location? –  samthebrand Mar 3 at 22:02
Links updated, thanks! –  emackey Mar 4 at 3:29

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