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Which is the compatible Hector version to connect to cassandra? I have apache cassandra 1.2.5

Is it Core 0.8.0-2 / 1.0-1 or Test 1.0-1 or HOM 1.1-02/2.0-01/3.0-01

Which one I need to use if it is apache-cassandra 1.2.5


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You want the latest core version (to get the very latest clone the git repository and build it using maven, or the much simpler option, use hector's maven repository and add the dependency which can be found below). The test version is unit tests, but building the whole git repository and including the tests along side the core driver shouldn't be a problem.


So from the dependency you can see the latest version is 1.0-5. For latest Cassandra pick the latest driver, if that fails get their last known 'production ready' version which in this case would appear to be 1.0-5.

But on a side note, pick a better driver, Hector is known for being difficult to work with and datastax advise use of cql drivers for new Cassandra applications.

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Thank you very much ! –  Saurabh Deshpande May 31 '13 at 5:43

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