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This is starting to (might have already) drive me mad! There does not seem to be a lot of help about how to use the inbuilt CakePHP CakeEmail.

I have found a number of posts on this site, as well as a you tube vid which is was helpful but the guy explaining was not specking in English so was a litle hard to follow him at times.

I have a view file with a basic form inside it, which ponits to my send() function inside my controller but I get nothing but errors.

Here is my current code:


The errors I am getting are,

     Undefined index: to [APP/Controller/ContactController.php, line 26]


     Error: Call to a member function subject() on a non-object 
     File: /var/www/app/Controller/ContactController.php    
     Line: 27

Which I just don't understand, I have called the CakeEmail right? I have copied the code right but these are the errors I get each time I submit the from.

Thanks Glenn.

Another Update ::

I have removed the code from before, I have got it to work (sort of)

//New Contact.cpt

echo $this->Form->create(array('controller' => 'contact', 'url' => '/contact/send') );
echo $this->Form->input('ContactForm.to');
echo $this->Form->input('ContactForm.subject');
echo $this->Form->input('ContactForm.message', array('type' => 'textarea') );
echo $this->Form->submit('Email Us', array('class' => 'Button'));
echo $this->Form->end();

//New Controller

public function send() {

    if ( !empty($this->request->data) ) {
        $email = new CakeEmail();
        $email->from(array('contact@me.com' => 'ME'))
        if ( $email->send($this->request->data['ContactForm']['message']) ) {
            $this->Session->setFlash(__('Email Sent...'), 'default', array('class' => 'success') );


} //End of function send

But Now I want to change the layout, my form will will be

//This is what I want ->

echo $this->Form->create(array('controller' => 'contact', 'url' => '/contact/send') );
echo $this->Form->input('ContactForm.name');
echo $this->Form->input('ContactForm.email');
echo $this->Form->input('ContactForm.phone');
echo $this->Form->input('ContactForm.subject');
echo $this->Form->input('ContactForm.message', array('type' => 'textarea') );
echo $this->Form->submit('Email Us', array('class' => 'Button'));
echo $this->Form->end();

I need to take name, email and phone number but when I add then to the $email in my controller all i get is this error

  error: Call to undefined method CakeEmail::name() 

//Controller Code Section That I changed

        $email->from(array('contact@me.com' => 'Me'))
              ->name($this->request->data['ContactForm']['name']) <-That is the line I added!

If this is not the right way, which I am guesting its not, then how do I change the email layout to included the list of items I want. I have looked over (many times) the CakeEmail document but its not very clear and just does not give any working code of how to change from the default.

Thanks Glenn

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Although you included a lot of code, you did not describe what exactly isn't working. Also did you try to manually send the e-mail, using 'fixed' strings instead of form-data? (to narrow down the cause of the problem) –  thaJeztah May 30 '13 at 7:00
I am not sure how to set fixed data with out getting more bloody errors, but your right I did not say what the errors are, see update –  Glenn Curtis May 30 '13 at 7:03

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You have a few simple errors in your code.

This is wrong


debug($this->request->data) to see the structure of the array

You have Undefined index: to [APP/Controller/ContactController.php, line 26] as an error but I do not see anything referencing index in your code. Either you are making this up or not pasted the correct code. I suspect its probably the same problem as the $this->request->data issue I mentioned.

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