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Question in one line is i want to apply effect like deepEnd jailbreak app.

Details: I have a UIImageView for the background. Above that i have added Gold coin image. What i need to do is when user tilt the ipad the background should move either x or y or in both axis according to the motion. The only thing i am not gettting is when i am holding ipad in xy plane and tilting it background not have change in x axis. Please help me . If you need more details tell me

This is the code i am using to move the background image

-(void) moveBackground:(CMAcceleration) acceleration {

    [_background setFrame:CGRectMake(50*acceleration.y, 50*acceleration.z, _background.bounds.size.width, _background.bounds.size.height)];



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Other way i want to know when we keep ios device in xy plane and tilt it which data is changed in acceleration or gyro data and specifically which axis. –  Abhigyan May 30 '13 at 7:09

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I guess you are interested in gravity present in CMDeviceMotion Class when you start the divice motion updates, you can get the gravity(which is a acceleration) with respect to device reference plane. you can get the angle of device based on the constant gravity by using atan2() function. For example following code gives you angle of gravity about Y-Axis of the device. CMAcceleration gravity = motionManager.deviceMotion.gravity; CGFloat angle = atan2(gravity.z, gravity.x); You need to be careful about device motion though. it may not be available on all devices (EX:iPad1) in that case u need to use motionManager.accelerometerData.acceleration which gives raw acceleration rather than refined gravity. one you have the angle its simple matter of mathematics to see how much your background must move.

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