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private void FieldsLOCK(bool field00, bool field01, bool field02, bool field03, bool field04, bool field05, bool field06, bool field07, bool field08, bool field09, bool field10, bool field11, bool field12, bool field13) 
            cmbModDRno.Enabled = field00;
            MODcompanyNAME.Enabled = field01;
            MODdeliveryDATE.Enabled = field02;
            MODcustomerCODE.Enabled = field03;
            MODcustomerNAME.Enabled = field04;
            MODtruckers.Enabled = field05;
            MODplateNO.Enabled = field06;
            MODtonner.Enabled = field07;
            MODdelivery.Enabled = field08;
            MODdrCREATED.Enabled = field09;
            MODfgCREATED.Enabled = field10;
            MODdatePOSTED.Enabled = field11;
            MODpostedBY.Enabled = field12;
            drDGV.Enabled = field13;

Does Anyone knows how to transform this into Array boolean function statement in C#? Or in other words how can I transform this into a dynamic function which can be called using function name with parameters only..

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How do you expect the call to look like? What is the purpose? –  shahkalpesh May 30 '13 at 7:19

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Use params keyword of C# which specify a method parameter that takes an argument where the number of arguments is variable.

So your function would look like this:

private void FieldsLOCK(params bool[] fields) 
            cmbModDRno.Enabled = fields[0];
            MODcompanyNAME.Enabled = fields[1];
            MODdeliveryDATE.Enabled = fields[2];
            MODcustomerCODE.Enabled = fields[3];
            MODcustomerNAME.Enabled = fields[4];
            MODtruckers.Enabled = fields[5];
            MODplateNO.Enabled = fields[6];
            MODtonner.Enabled = fields[7];
            MODdelivery.Enabled = fields[8];
            MODdrCREATED.Enabled = fields[9];
            MODfgCREATED.Enabled = fields[10];
            MODdatePOSTED.Enabled = fields[11];
            MODpostedBY.Enabled = fields[12];
            drDGV.Enabled = fields[13];

Remember your function call would remain the same.

Further details you can find here:



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you mean you want this? (I'm not sure i understand your question)

private void FieldsLOCK(params bool[] param){
    //you receive an array of boolean

this way you can call the function with any number of boolean parameter

FieldsLock(MyBool1, MyBool2);
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Thank You! Very Much –  Mik Skywalker Jun 21 '13 at 9:02
@MikSkywalker you're welcome mate –  Fabio Marcolini Jun 21 '13 at 9:04

You can also use a dictionary like this

    Dictionary<string, bool> boolParams = new Dictionary<string, bool>() { 
        { "cmbModDRno", true }, 
        { "MODcompanyNAME", false },


    private void FieldsLOCK(Dictionary<string, bool> boolParams)
        cmbModDRno.Enabled = boolParams.ContainsKey("cmbModDRno") ? boolParams["cmbModDRno"]: false;
        MODcompanyNAME.Enabled = boolParams.ContainsKey("MODcompanyNAME") ? boolParams["MODcompanyNAME"] : false;
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Thank You! for the answer sir.. –  Mik Skywalker Jun 21 '13 at 9:02

Here's one way using an array.

    private void FieldsLOCK(bool[] fields)
        for (int i = 0; i < 13; i++)
            switch (i)
                case 0:
                    cmbModDRno.Enabled = fields[0];
                case 1:
                    MODcompanyNAME.Enabled = fields[1];
                case 2:
                    MODdeliveryDATE.Enabled = fields[2];
                case 3:
                    MODcustomerCODE.Enabled = fields[3];
                //and so on
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