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I try to use MMC with SnapIn Certificates(Remote Computer) to import a p12 certificate into the Personal Certificate Store of a remote Windows 2008 Server Core computer.

Certificate Import Wizard tells me: 'Importing a .pfx or .p12 file to a remote certificate store is not supported'

Is there an alternative way to do this?

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I found out that I can do everything with certutil and winhttpcertcfg like this:

1) add .p12 to Personal key store

 certutil -p P@ssword -importpfx cert.p12

2) add .cer certificate as trusted publisher

 certutil -addstore TrustedPublisher cert.cer

3) check which users have access to certificate

 winhttpcertcfg -c LOCAL_MACHINE\My -s certificate.name -l

3) grant access to certificate

 winhttpcertcfg -c LOCAL_MACHINE\My -s certificate.name -g -a user@domain.com
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