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I am currently working on my ecommerce website. Having a lot of trouble and I do not know where can I start editing the positioning of the product lay out.

For example:

Currently my product layout in page is like this.

What I would like to achieve is something like that:

Something like the section of "Designed for everyday life"

I would like to place my product image on the right.

Currently because I have made the width of the page bigger, it was aligned on left. Is there any way I can do to make it center?

Is there any zen cart experts here to help? Because I do not know what file do I have to edit in order to achieve what I want..

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You will need to edit the product info display template file to get the layout you want. It can be found under the templates folder in your custom template folder. tpl_product_info_display.php.

You can then style the elements on this page by modifying the main CSS stylesheet for your template.

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