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I can't manage to show the google map on my vaadin UI. I followed this post from the Vaadin forum but i can't understand why in the place where I put the new GMap() extending AbstractJavaScriptComponent it doesn't shows anything. I placed the four files (GMap.java, GMapState.java, gmap-connector.js, gmap.js) in a dedicated package on the src folder..is this right? I actually tested the js and it looks like it's reading correctly the content...but it doesn't shows the map. What am I missing?

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easy one.... i feel stupid now...

    this.element.innerHTML = "<div id='map-canvas' style='height:100%; width:100%;'></div>";

This do not gets the full free space and the map size came out with width 0px height 0px. So giving it a fixed size solved my problem:

    this.element.innerHTML = "<div id='map-canvas' style='height:200px; width:200px;'></div>";
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