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I have searched for an answer to this but the related solutions seem to concern 'print'ing in the interpreter.

I am wondering if it is possible to print (physically on paper) python code in color from IDLE?

I have gone to: File > Print Window in IDLE and it seems to just print out a black and white version without prompting whether to print in color etc.


It seems like this might not be available so the option is to copy code to a text editor like SciTE and print from there - quite like the default IDLE syntax highlighting though.

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IDLE can't do it, but you can do it in an indirect way: Use LaTeX to format your script with the IDLE colors.

As of late August 2013, the listings package supports IDLE-like colorizing for python. The following almost-minimal example will turn your script myscript.py into color PDF in the IDLE colors.


\input{listings-python.prf}  % defines the python-idle-code style
\usepackage{textcomp} % Needed for straight quotes                               

 basicstyle=\normalsize\ttfamily, % size of the fonts for the code               
 upquote=true,   % Requires textcomp                                             

\textwidth=7in  % This just fits 80 characters at 10pt                           


You could also include code snippets in a real LaTeX document.

There are two catches to using the above code:

  1. You need at least listings version 1.5b (2013/08/26). It's not in Texlive 2013, but it can be downloaded from CTAN (also with the texlive manager, tlmgr).

  2. At the moment there seems to be a problem with the CTAN version: The preferences file listings-python.prf is in the documentation folder for the package, not in tex/latex/listings where TeX can find it. You'll need to move it manually for the inclusion to work.

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Here is a better answer. Use the IDLE extension called IDLE2HTML.py (search for this). This lets IDLE print to an HTML file that has color in it's style sheet. Then save the HTML file to a PDF (the color will still be there).

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