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One of the SVG files of my project became corrupt (I can't open it anymore with my editor). I'd like to revert just this file to a previous version so that I can edit it.

I guess it must be possible to do that with Darcs. I should just apply the inverse of the patches to only one file. But how do I do that? Is there a command to do it?

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Is that to the last recorded version? If so, darcs revert will help. Otherwise, try darcs show contents filename -p 'patch-name'.

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Thanks! Actually, I made the file from scratch again, since this was not a lot of work. But this is good to know I can do darcs show content -p 'patch-name' to output a version of a file. Exactly the command I was looking for. – John Smith Optional May 31 '13 at 8:45

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