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Recently i divided my main CSS file into various smaller files using the @import feature.

I've researched the ways in which page loading times can be decreased and come across Minify Maven Plugin - http://samaxes.github.io/minify-maven-plugin/

Using the example in the link above, i have added the following to my POM file within the Web layer of my project:

<!-- Minify Maven CSS Start -->
          <!-- <jsSourceDir>js</jsSourceDir>
            <!-- ... -->
            <!-- <jsSourceFile>file-n.js</jsSourceFile>
  <!-- Minify Maven CSS End -->

When testing in the browser, there doesn't seem to be any differences.

Should i be installing/placing a file within my project?

Should i have placed the above code within my main POM file rather than Web?


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How are you linking your CSS files in your HTML? –  samaxes May 30 '13 at 15:46

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You should check your WAR file for the output.

By default, the plugin won't change CSS or JS file references (though there's an open issue to add that). It also won't remove the files from the WAR.

As a side note, you can use wildcards to automatically find CSS files if you'd rather. Something like:

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