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I'm trying to write a little program to do a Cox proportional hazard model with the eventual aim of being able to solve a problem none of the current programs can manage. I've come unstuck at the first hurdle though trying to reproduce the basic functionality of stcox. Using stcox to check it's working properly I can show that the likelihood is correct since the maximum is at the same location using ml plot. However from this point forward it breaks down. The variable drug takes values 1 or 0, and since it is a Cox model no constant can be fit so this is specified in the equation. However, by observing the Xb values each time the log-likelihood is calculated it can be seen that the values for both control and treatment arms are varying, in fact the difference between them is fixed and just a constant is varying.

clear all
webuse drugtr

*Show st settings

*Fit Cox proportional hazards model
stcox drug, breslow 

gen timem = -_t
sort timem

capture program drop mlcox
program mlcox
version 10
args lnf Xb
tempvar risk sumrisk sumrisk2
qui gen double `risk'=exp(`Xb')
qui gen double `sumrisk'=0
local N=_N
forval j=1/`N' {
     qui replace `sumrisk'=`sumrisk' + exp(`Xb'[`j']) if _t[`j']>=_t
tab `Xb'
qui replace `lnf' = 0                       if $ML_y1==0
qui replace `lnf' = `Xb' - log(`sumrisk')   if $ML_y1==1

ml model lf mlcox ( died = drug, noconstant)
ml plot -4 1 30

ml maximize

Edit: Corrected the coding of the maximum likelihood, but still having problems with convergence.

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There is complete code for the Cox model in <stata.com/bookstore/maximum-likelihood-estimation-stata/>;, page 330-332 –  Maarten Buis May 30 '13 at 11:14
@ Buis: Can you please make sure the web site is correct?I got the error while opening the webpage. –  Metrics May 31 '13 at 12:34
I've made corrections to the code now so it is certainly giving the correct maximum likelihood (ml plot shows this) but I am still failing to get ml maximise to search in the correct domain. –  Peter Dutton Jun 4 '13 at 15:53

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