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I have recently ungraded to rails 3.2 and getting a problem with the escaping of double quotes. I have a string like this

options = "class=\"input\" disabled=\"disabled\" value=\"[{\"id\"=>\"514aede7\",    \"label\"=>\"document\"}, {\"id\"=>\"3a55e040\", \"label\"=>\"license\"}]\""

and i use this as part of my list options as in one of my helper functions

"<ol #{options}></ol>"

but since i have upgraded to rails 3.2 and ruby 1.9 my list is floating in html view it takes


and closes ol's opening tag with


and rest of the information in value field just floats.

""514aede7", "label"=>"document"}, {"id"=>"3a55e040", "label"=>"license"}]">"

Can someone help me understand whats the root cause of this as I was not having same problem with rails 3.0 and ruby 1.8

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Try "<ol '#{options}' ></ol>" – Deepika May 30 '13 at 12:24
that doesn't work but if I use value = '[{\"id\"=>\"514aede7\", \"label\"=>\"document\"}, {\"id\"=>\"3a55e040\", \"label\"=>\"license\"}]\"' i.e single quotes instead of escaped double quotes that works. But I want to know why it is not working now as it was working previously. – manyu May 30 '13 at 12:31

Try "<ol #{raw(options)}></ol>"

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not working. I want to know the cause for this – manyu May 30 '13 at 14:08

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