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What is better to use for interactive data plotting? matplotlib (http://www.matplotlib.org) or Qt Commercial Charts (http://qt.digia.com/Product/Qt-Add-Ons/Charts/) There are several functionality missing from matplotlib with regards to interactiveness like when I want to hover and display information specific related to the points in a scatter plots. My overall program is in python and pyqt. I also had a look at pyqtgraph.org but I dont think it is mature enough.

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It is pretty easy to implement that hover capability. There are a couple questions on SO showing how to do it. See matplotlib.org/users/event_handling.html for how to write call backs. – tcaswell May 30 '13 at 13:59

matplotlib is interactive, see this demo - you can even embed it in Qt (which I use all the time and it works very very well).

You will find using PyQt for data plotting difficult for anything beyond simple plots. As far as I am aware, that "Qt Commercial Charts" thing you linked to isn't available in PyQt nor pyside, but you may want to take a look at PyQtGraph.

But I would suggest that you stick with matplotlib first, and if it doesn't meet your needs then look elsewhere.

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