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I need to execute a program and retrieve its stdout output in c++. I'd like my code to be cross-platform too.

Having recently discovered the wonderful world of the Boost c++ libraries for all your cross platform needs, I figured I'd just go to and read up on the documentation of Boost.Process. Much to my surprise, it wasn't there! I then proceeded to figure out what name Boost gave their cross-platform library to start external processes, but haven't managed to find it so far.

A Google search brought me to Julio M. Merino Vidal's Boost.Process, which seems to be the unofficial Boost library I was looking for. Strangely enough, I cannot seem to find a download link on that website. It also seems like there haven't been any recent developments regarding the project.

I was finally able to find a download link for Vidal's Boost.Process on an external site and will use that for now, but I'm quite amazed at the effort I had to put in to get my hands on a cross platform c++ library to interact with external processes.

So, why is there no official Boost.Process? It seems like it would be a very valuable addition. Or am I totally overlooking the obvious solution here? Could you perhaps suggest other cross-platform libraries for managing simple starting of and interation with external processes?

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Congratulations on the discovery -- Boost rocks! – vehomzzz Nov 5 '09 at 21:31
Boost rocks, but there's no official Process library yet. For what it's worth, I successfully used the Poco Process library in the past (Google for the Poco C++ libraries for more information). – StackedCrooked Nov 5 '09 at 22:52
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Julio M. Merino Vidal, who is, I beleive, the original author, wrote in this 2007 post that he did not have time to complete it.

Development was taken over by Boris Schaeling. This is the version that you found at According to this post, he is still actively developing it.

There is another version, by Ilya Sokolov.

For your other question:

Could you perhaps suggest other cross-platform libraries for managing simple starting of and interation with external processes?

you could look at this wiki page listing alternatives.

Depending on your needs, popen() could also do the job.

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Just to complete information here, I would link the review schedule in which is stated that boost.process has been rejected. – dave Oct 3 '11 at 8:30
This answer isn't up to date anymore, see the community wiki answer. – Klaim Jul 10 '13 at 21:52

To summarize, as today (see last edit date), Boost.Process isn't yet an official Boost C++ library. It wasis currently scheduled for review but hasn't been accepted yet, so you can't download it from Boost official website.

You can find on the web at least four versions of this library around. They are all more or less incompatible:

  • Version 0.5 (latest, as of 3rd Dec 2012)



  • Version GSOC2010



  • Version 0.31




I think it is the same as in

  • I.S. Version 0.1-0.4


  • Version 0?



There are other version that look like branches: and

For a partial history of the project, look at

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Boost Process was one of the Google Summer of Code projects this year. The GSOC 2010 Boost Process website is

The library is still unofficial, but its developers feel that it is stable enough to request formal review.

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It got rejected due to various concerns, I hope they will address those and resubmit. – maep Oct 24 '11 at 10:56

As of August 18th 2012, a newer version of Boost.Process (v0.5) has been released at

hope that helps, Philipp

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It looks like Boost.Process is in the sandbox area, which would suggest that it has been proposed for inclusion and is probably still being work on, but hasn't been deemed stable, documented and/or useful enough to be included in the main boost release.

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Another option might be the modularly designed POCO, see Process::launch() which has an overload that takes Pipes for in, out and error.

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For July 2015 it seems like Boost.Process has been scheduled for the Boost formal review again.

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Parts of Boost.Process are available in several stand-alone libraries in Boost now: Boost.Interprocess, Program Options, etc.

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