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Setting up my first webb application in Eclipse - dynamic web project.

An arbitrary project and this is the structure:

enter image description here

So I've got a couple of questions.

About mapping. I've created two Servlets. One in the default src folder and one custom named "TestingSubFolder". I've mapped each Servlet in the web descriptor. When I run the webb application and click the links I get HTTP error 404. I changed the href value to the exact Servlet name and it started to work.What is the best practice when it come to creating links/form/ajaxs urls? "hat is the standard? How do I use url pathing instead of servlet name as href value?

The WebContent folder is from what I've understand where all the .js .css .html .jsp files should be located and WebContent is the root Directory. What is the standard here?

Where should I put all my business logic classes?

Feel free to add any other advice when it comes to webb application development using Java.

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  1. There is no best practice. Some people like to name their urls after activities or with verbs. For example: www.example.com/processOrder&orderNum=3. Others, which have implemented a RESTful architecture, name them after resources: www.example.com/order/3 and use the HTTP methods or request parameters/headers to determine the action. With basic servlets, it's not as clear to define url paths, you'll have one for each servlet you create. However, using the Front Controller and Command(or Dispatcher) patterns you can have a single Servlet that handles all urls and generates a different command based on the url and HTTP method. Look into Spring's DispatcherServlet for an example.
  2. I wouldn't say there is a standard, but typically I've had a resources folder with css, js, img folders inside it. Anything in the WebContent folder will be publicly available. If you want to make things private, put them under WEB-INF. Dynamic content like jsp files should go inside some folder within WEB-INF.
  3. Again, different people will say different things. Your source code goes into source folders, which contain packages. These packages can be named anything. You might want to name them after your application layers or after your domain entities or after your application modules .

After your edit, it seems you want best practices, so I'll tell you right now. You should not import business logic into jsps. A jsp is a view layer technology. You should do your business logic in your servlets and other classes and make any information you want to display available through request attributes and then forward to a jsp to render the view. Have a look at our jsp wiki and our jstl wiki. The servlet wiki is here.

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Ok. Thank you for your input. About importing business classes into .jsp. I think I said wrong. Did'nt mean businesss logic but classes. Where should the business classes be located in the eclipse dynamic web project? –  user1683645 May 30 '13 at 14:35
@user1683645 See 3. –  Sotirios Delimanolis May 30 '13 at 14:35

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