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I am looking for guidelines for pointing 3 internet domains to 3 different socketstream 3.x applications.

Lets say i have three ss apps running,,,

and i own 3 domains

www.myfirstdomain.com, www.myseconddomain.com, www.mythirddomain.com

What is the recommended approach for routing the domains to the applications? Somehow make ss recognize url headers or something? Three different ips on server? I probably need some routing module for node? What to change in ss /app.js ?

Thank you in advance !

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You can achieve this by using a HTTP proxy, either using NGINX, or if you prefer using a Node.js-based solution, using the bouncy npm module https://github.com/substack/bouncy, or the node-http-proxy module https://github.com/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy.

An example relating to your case could be this:

var bouncy = require('bouncy');

var server = bouncy(function (req, res, bounce) {
    if (req.headers.host === 'www.myfirstdomain.com') {
    else if (req.headers.host === 'www.myseconddomain.com') {
    else if (req.headers.host === 'www.myseconddomain.com') {
    else {
        res.statusCode = 404;
        res.end('no such host');
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Thank you Paul ! I will try it out when revisiting this project. –  user1997614 Oct 18 '13 at 14:23

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