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I have this configured in my server.xml for tomcat the following JNDI ref's to OpenMQ...

<Resource ackTimeout="-t 30000" auth="Container" 
  description="OpenMQ Queue Connection Factory" 
  host="-s localhost" 
  type="com.sun.messaging.QueueConnectionFactory" version="1.1"/>

<Resource auth="Container" 
  description="OpenMQ Queue" 
  type="com.sun.messaging.Queue" version="1.1"/>           

I have no idea how to define these in jetty.xml that is used for my concordian tests though.

Can someone please help me out?

Thanks Jeff Porter

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    <New id="FACTORYjndi" class="">
                    <New class="com.sun.messaging.QueueConnectionFactory"></New>

    <New id="ESI_AUDITjndi" class="">
                    <New class="com.sun.messaging.Queue"></New>

I would also suggest you set the "useTestScope" to true as well.

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Here are a mess of examples for configuring datasources in jetty.

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I've read the datasources section, but it doesn't give examples of JMS references. The closest I've got is JNDI for ActiveMQ (, but again, this isn't openMQ. – jeff porter May 30 '13 at 13:46
same principles should apply, when you get it working you can fork the documentation and add your example, or just paste the example into an issue and I'll update it. – jesse mcconnell May 30 '13 at 13:50

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