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We got this error when running this command :

[cacti ~]$ snmpwalk -v 3 -a MD5 -u super -x AES -X AAAAAA 10.X.X.X
2011-01-20 16:58:12 Error: passphrase chosen is below the length requirements of the USM  (min=8).
2011-01-20 16:58:12 snmpwalk:  (The supplied password length is too short.)
Error generating a key (Ku) from the supplied privacy pass phrase.

Do you have any idea how to decrease the USM's length parameter? We can't change the password that is under 8 characters..

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You are fighting the IETF RFC if you insist using a short passphrase,

If the Appendix A algorithm is used, SNMP implementations (and SNMP configuration applications) must ensure that passwords are at least 8 characters in length.

This is a standard, so your only choice is to use a long enough passphrase.

For AES, the recommended passphrase length is 12,

The following are recommended in regard to user passwords:

  • Password length SHOULD be at least 12 octets.
  • Password sharing SHOULD be prohibited so that passwords are not shared among multiple SNMP users.
  • Implementations SHOULD support the use of randomly generated passwords as a stronger form of security.
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