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Is there a way to tab through multiple cursors like you can with placeholders?

Sublime Text 2 multiple carets

Having those cursors placed you would:

  1. type "index"
  2. tab
  3. type "products"
  4. tab
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You could create bookmarks with the multiple cursors (ctrl+f2 or cmd+f2 by default I think). Then, you could return to a single cursor (escape). After you enter the content on a particular line, you could then move to the next bookmark (f2 by default). Of course, those are with the default keybindings. You can always rebind them to something more comfortable than f2.

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Nice answer! You don't have to esc to a single cursor as f2 does that for you. –  mreq Jun 11 '13 at 14:28

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