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I'm building a WCF Self-Hosted Data Service (OData, by the way) and I'm using Basic Authentication to authenticate users. It wasn't very hard, I just needed some configuration steps, build a UserNamePasswordValidator and a IAuthorizationPolicy - DONE.

Now I need to support CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). I've tried many implementations, some documented (for instance, this), other made by myself.

The problem is, if I let Basic Auth enabled, because the CORS preflight request (OPTIONS) doesn't have the 'Authorization' header, and I can't manipulate the request (of course, or that would defeat the purpose for the browser to do it), I'm unable to intercept/respond the request on the server. I can't even check how far does it go! I've tried to implement many Behaviours, Bindings, Managers, etc., but I can't catch that request, not even on "DataService<>.OnStartProcessingRequest()".

If I disable Basic Auth on the server side, I'm able to catch the CORS preflight request and eventually respond to it (using a IDispatchMessageInspector and a BehaviorExtensionElement), but that way I have to implement Basic Auth on my own... damn.

Please help me. How do I implement both? How can I intercept the CORS preflight request before Basic Auth simply respond 401 Unauthorized?

Thanks in advance.

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