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I'm attempting to build a generic Event class which models a calendar event. The event has either a full start date/time, represented by a Joda DateTime, or just a start date, represented by a Joda LocalDate.

I'd like to make Event generic and simplify a lot of the current if an all-day event then do this otherwise do that logic scattered throughout the code but can't find a superclass of DateTime and LocalDate which still contains useful methods to obtain information such as the start date. Is there some way to do this or do I need to keep my current way of doing things?

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What about replacing DateTime + LocalDate with just:


It is essentially a pair of instants which could represent the start/end of any Event. Should cover 30 minute events, or 5 day events.

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The end result of the processing is an Interval, however given that LocalDate is not an instant I'm still stuck with the problem of how to handle events which start on the same day regardless of timezone. –  jgm May 31 '13 at 11:13

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