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I am using the below NLog configuration with FileName property removed. I want to set it dynamically. I have written the code for it as well. But it doesnt create the Log file at all at the specified location.

Please let me know if I am going wrong anywhere.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<nlog xmlns=""

      <target name="console" xsi:type="Console" />

      <target name="logfile" xsi:type="File"
           layout="${longdate} ${level} ${message}" archiveAboveSize="1048576"                
           encoding="iso-8859-2" />

    <logger name="*" minlevel="Trace" writeTo="logfile" />

C# Code to dynamically set filename:

            LoggingConfiguration config = new LoggingConfiguration();
            FileTarget fileTarget = new FileTarget();
            config.AddTarget("logfile", fileTarget);
            fileTarget.FileName =  @"C:\Logfile\Log.txt"; 
            NLog.LogManager.Configuration = config;

            LoggingRule rule = new LoggingRule("*", LogLevel.Debug, fileTarget);

But log file Log.txt is not getting created at C:\Logfile>. No exception thrown as well

Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I'm pretty sure that you are overwriting your configuration by code. Why don't you configure everything in code?

Are you sure that you have the necessary permissions to write to C:\Logfile\Log.txt? I've just tried your code and it`s working for me.

You could also enable the internal logging of NLog:

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