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Is there any way to convert between BitVector and FP in SMTLIB2, something like the int2bv and bv2int functions?

To clarify, I am looking for a raw representation of the bits, not e.g., a rounded integer in BitVec form.

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To be precise, there is no standard for floating point arithmetic in SMTLIB yet. There is a draft for this which will be finalized at a later point in time; this draft does not contain such functions at the moment. However, Z3 does support such conversion functions when the QF_FPABV logic is enabled.

These functions are called

asIEEEBV (takes a float and returns a BV in IEEE764 format of appropriate size)


fromIEEEBV (takes a BV in IEEE764 format and returns a float of appropriate size)
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Update on this one: The SMT theory for floating points has been finalized: Z3 supports exactly those functions in the standard and all previous operators have been removed. – Christoph Wintersteiger Jan 21 '15 at 13:14

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