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Simple problem:

I'm using Youtube gdata through javascript to: Comment, Reply and Like/Dislike videos. Everything is working so far!

However, I'm trying to allow users to specifically like and dislike COMMENTS (the same way you can on native But I can't actually find the docs that explain how this is done.

I tried sending the follow to ...://[video_id]/ratings

<entry xmlns=""
    <link rel="" 
          type="application/atom+xml" href="<ID>"/>
    <yt:rating value="like"/>

But no joy. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Dear @user2437390, did you get an answer to your question? If so, be aware of the accepted answer system? –  Stéphane Bruckert Oct 30 '13 at 15:30

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You got video comments so I guess you use the V2 YouTube API, because it's not possible in the V3. And the V2 doc says:

Each entry in the comments feed contains information about a single comment. Each comment has an author, a title, content, and an in-reply-to link.


They don't speak about like nor dislikes. It is even not possible to GET the likes and dislikes amount for comments, so neither is it to SET them.

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