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I have successfully run some tests with PostgreSQL and EF Code First and I know it works. I have an existing database that is quite large and it would be helpful if the EF Power Tools Reverse Engineer Code First method worked on my PostgreSQL database, but I can't seem to do that. I'm assuming its just not supported, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had success with that or perhaps with some other tool/technique for generating EF Code First types and datacontext for PostgreSQL. Any suggestions?

By the way - I can generate the basic types easily enough off off some information_schema queries against the DB, but I'm shying away from going beyond simple types without navigation properties. To generate the navigation properties and datacontext and mappings would be more of a pain in the arse and I have a feeling that would just get too hairy.

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The EF Power Tools should work if you have an ADO.NET, DDEX, and EF provider for PostgreSQL installed. –  bricelam Oct 29 '13 at 16:11
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