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I have an old project (RAILS) I'm trying to get up and running again. I (probably stupidly, but too late now) renamed the repo for various reasons (using gem 'rename' + changing github..etc).

There appears to be a submodule attached to the project, (related to a minor change that was hacked onto formwizard) that is refusing to play ball. I've tried just about every approach I can find, but I just can't get rid of it.

Currently if I try git submodule init I get:

    No submodule mapping found in .gitmodules for path 'public/javascripts/formwizard'

In order to get that far I had to clone an old version of the repo to it's original position.

Otherwise I get

    fatal: Not a git repository at $path_inc_old_project_name

I just want this thing to go away and stop being linked to my main repo. Nothing i do seems to work

This solution fails as submodule deinit isn't recognised (have upgraded to latest install of git using homebrew).

git rm --cached path_to_submodule

Just returns

fatal: 'path_to_submodule' is outside repository i.e. the path you need is outside the repository

I know that, that's why I'm trying to get rid of the damn thing...

I've tried removing every reference to the old project name with a find replace, but the git repo still seems to know where to look for this submodule.

How can I tell git to just forget about this submodule...? (or in fact, all submodules as this is the only one I have)

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Doesn't editing .gitmodule and doing a subsequent git submodule update --recursive --init help? – Benjamin Schmid May 31 '13 at 13:24

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