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I am working on a different iOS project in Unity and I have built it by exporting to Xcode (like I always have).

Whenever I try to open the "Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj" in Xcode, it gives me the following error:

Project cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed.

I have looked everywhere but cannot figure it out.

  1. The project name does not have any spaces in it.

  2. I have checked the .plist and everything looks fine.

  3. The bundle identifier matches that in .plist.

This has worked in previous projects but now I am getting this error for some reason. What gives?

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tried this... When I open my .pbxproj file it does not contain anything with "===" or "<<<<"... So this is not the error. – freddrock May 30 '13 at 18:32

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Well, after a couple days I have found the problem and it all has to do with the naming of the *.a files that the plugins import.

XCode does not allow for files to have spaces in their names (of course) but I had not caught that 3 of the *.a files from plugins had spaces in them.

After removing these plugins (I have different plugins that do the same thing anyways) xCode was able to parse the build and create a project for me!

Be careful of spaces!

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Incompatable version of Xcode?
Are you using plugins? Most modify the project.

Try creating a new project and creating a build. If it works, it's a plugin, otherwise an Xcode version.

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tried creating a new project with the assets, did not work. I found the solution though, going to post it. – freddrock Jun 4 '13 at 18:07

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