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I am a new scala user and am having problems getting a development environment functional.

I downloaded the typesafe activator which launches an editor in a web browser and was able to run the akka actor tutorial script fine.

However, I have set up my intelliJ scala/akka environment, and when copying the same sample code to intelliJ, I am getting compile errors. I have added akka 2.2-M1 via maven to my project.

Initially when I copy

import{ActorSystem, Props, Actor, Inbox}

the last "Inbox" library is highlighted in red, and on compile I get "Error: object Inbox is not a member of package It suggests that I add When I do that the import is greyed out because it is "not implimented", and get a compile error further down in the script when I go to implement inbox. It says "

not found: value Inbox
val inbox = Inbox.create(system)


What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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I would recommend you use sbt and then use the gen-idea plugin to create your intellij project. You'll need to re-run gen-idea every time your dependencies change - intelliJ currently won't automatically discover and resolve managed dependencies for you.

here is the plugin with directions.

also, as a professional I would recommend you use the sbt console for most of your tasks. Ctrl-tab 0 will let you hop over there without touching your mouse. Escape brings you back to the code editor window. You can run sbt ~test to test on change to your files etc.

Note you may need to change focus off of intellij for it to save the file in memory if you're use ~test

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I managed to resolve the same issue by adding the following library from the Maven repository


to File -- Project Structure -- Libraries

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