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I have been getting reports of users who have been using our app for a while that are no longer able to login to the app. The error dialog they get is a generic one that I put up to handle the biggest problem I was seeing with FB Connect: users who came to the app for the first time, tapped the FB Connect button, declined, and then hit FB Connect again and accepted. In this particular case, the user gets an error because iOS magically throws the permission switch in Settings->Facebook to disallow the app. Thanks Apple .

However, the reports I'm hearing can't be in this case because they've been using the app for a while as opposed to logging in for the first time. Im guessing this is some other weird, permission expiring case that I thought I was handling properly. The two, user-end, workarounds for this case are:

1) Go to Settings->Facebook and flip the permission switch for our app to OFF and then back to ON again.

2) Delete and reinstall the app.

Obviously these are fine workarounds but it would be great to understand the actual problem and fix it. Note, the version of our app that's in the wild is at v3.3 of the Facebook SDK.

Any ideas?

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