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I am trying to cut ABCservice and DEFService dfrom the array and print them.What am I missing here?

  urlArray=('http://server:port/ABCservice/services/ABCservice?wsdl' 'http://server:port/DEFservice/services/DEFservice?wsdl')   
        for url in "${urlArray[@]}"
            service=echo $url|cut -f4 -d/
            echo $service

Expected Output:


Current Output:

./ line 6: http://server:port/ABCservice/services/ABCservice?wsdl: No such file or directory
./ line 6: http://server:port/DEFservice/services/DEFservice?wsdl: No such file or directory
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What abut this?

service=$(echo $url | cut -d"/" -f4)
echo $service

or directly

echo $(echo $url | cut -d"/" -f4)

The problems in your code:

service=echo $url|cut -f4 -d\
  • to save a command output in a variable, we do it like this: service=$(command).
  • your cut had \ as delimiter instead of /. Also it is good to wrap it with brackets: -d "/"
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service=$(echo $url | cut -d/ -f6 | cut -d\? -f1)
echo $service
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Using bash string function:

for i in "${!urlArray[@]}"; do 
    echo ${urlArray[i]}

$ urlArray=('http://server:port/ABCservice/services/ABCservice?wsdl' 'http://server:port/DEFservice/services/DEFservice?wsdl') 
$ for i in "${!urlArray[@]}"; do urlArray[i]="${urlArray[i]%\?*}"; urlArray[i]="${urlArray[i]##*/}";  echo ${urlArray[i]} ; done
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Your delimiter should be a forward slash

echo 'http://server:port/ABCservice/services/ABCservice?wsdl' | cut -f 4 -d/
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The \ is an escape character. Try \\ instead.

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To avoid espacing chars, use backquotes ` instead of double quotes ". – zessx Feb 24 '14 at 8:26

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