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I have a question about file reading and writing since I learned about them recently.

If I have file contains a data like:

1 apartment 600000 2 house 500000 3 house 1000 4 something 5456564

(id name price/int string double)

That's all in 1 line,

Can I do something like instanceof so that I can calculate the prices of 1 type like all the prices of houses?

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Is this Java? (based on instanceof). It's rather difficult to understand the question. This might answer your question - instanceof is for checking whether an object is of a certain type, you can't use it to compare strings with one another (strings all have the same type - String (in Java)). But you can use yourString.equals("house"). – Dukeling May 30 '13 at 20:52
Oh sorry to forget to state the language, yes it's Java. and i'm familiar to FileReader, BufferedReader and using Scanner to read files along while-loop to read lines. don't know about yourString.equals("house") – Abdelrahman May 30 '13 at 22:54
There are many guides, both on file reading and instanceof. There is not need to ask this question. It won't help andybody. – Val Jun 28 '13 at 13:19

It's unclear to me how you are currently storing the data you read in, but what you should be doing is reading the data into a List of some data object:

public class Dwelling
    int Id;
    String name;
    int price;

Then store these in some data structure. I think a HashMap of ArrayLists might be convenient for your purposes:

HashMap<String, ArrayList<Dwelling>> types = new HashMap<String, ArrayList<Dwelling>>();

// Loop through records in file
    // Read the next record into a data object
    DwellingType d = getNextDwelling();

    // Store the record in the data structure
    ArrayList<Dwelling> list = types.get(d.getName());
    if (list == null)
        list = new ArrayList<Dwelling>();
        types.put(d.getName(), list);

To access the list of records of a particular type, you'd just call HashMap.get():

ArrayList<Dwelling> list = types.get("Apartment");

Then you could just loop through the records to do whatever you need to do:

int totalPrice = 0;
for (Dwelling d : list)
    totalPrice += d.price;
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thanks for the edits, Duke! – Stephen Carlson Jun 2 '13 at 6:16

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