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I am trying to add a simple "About" dialog but when I call open() more than once it gets mad. Currently I am making a new dialog every time and calling open() on it, but I would prefer to make one and show() and hide() but once the dialog has been closed it doesn't want to be displayed again.

What should I do?

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Did you check this link? http://tidesdk.multipart.net/docs/user-dev/generated/#!/api/Ti.UI.UserWindow

Basically I would think of creating a global variable for the "About" window and initialize it in the loading of the application using Ti.UserWindow.createWindow(); then with button click I can use aboutWindow.hide(); and another one aboutWindow.show();

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var CurrentWindow = Ti.UI.getCurrentWindow();
CurrentWindow.addEventListener(Ti.CLOSE, function(event) {

var process = Ti.Process.createProcess([Ti.API.application.getPath() + \\YOUREXECUTABLE.exe']);


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